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1.    Empower people while promoting health and eco-change

2.    Affiliate members can generate revenue or income

3.    Members can learn how to eat healthier and better (without increasing monthly expenses)

4.    Improve health by boosting nutrients and anti-oxidants

5.    Teach others how to advance their lives

6.    Access gas saving technologies—that we’ve tested!

7.    Promote eco-products that are tested and used by health minded environmentalists before we recommend them.

8.    Helps create  positive social change

9.    We support


Join us to create a better global environment!

For, Health and Earth-Minded People:

·          Natural, tested and critiqued green products to improve our health along with the health of our planet

·          Providing a more nourished health lifestyle

·          A relatively easy way to improve our eating habits while developing a leaner body

·          Our test results showed a high level of success for those who followed the simple instructions

·          Most were able to lose their weight goal over time

·          Majority continue to keep the weight off!

·          Change your habits, it’s easy eating healthier


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Advance My Life  urges all activists’ organizations and green minded people to join.





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Our Mission

Advance My Life promotes a holistic way of life and provides critical information to improve your health, your finances, and your spiritual well being. Since all life on Earth is interconnected in a delicate balance, healing the Earth will, make us all healthier.

Every aspect of your life is deeply interconnected. Improving your spirit can improve your health and finances, and the reverse is also true. An increase in income can relieve stress, which will enhance health and spiritual outlook.

With greater personal health and financial stability, and with increased environmental and spiritual awareness, you will be able to not only advance (and enhance) your life, but the lives of those around you.

"We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality - tied to a single garment of destiny - whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Message from:  Earth Defense League
"The enforcement and protection of our global ecology is urgently needed if we are to prevent
passing the environmental point of no return. We are asking all individuals and groups
to join and unite with us to bring about social change to save the future for all living things."
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